Purebred Pomeranians from the Heartland

We are a small family breeder of purebred Pomeranians.  All our puppies are AKC certified.  We love our Poms and our top priority is ensuring all our Poms end up in a wonderful home.

About the Breed

Small.  Energetic.  Loving.  Bright.  Outgoing.

Pomeranians are the smallest of the Nordic breeds, but don't tell them that!  Weighing in between 5-7 lbs and 7-12 inches, these small, but mighty pups think they are big.  (And actually some are -- larger Poms are known as "throwbacks" to the time when they were bred closer to 30 lbs).

They are energetic and curious, but given their small stature are great for city or apartment living.  A quick, daily walk is usually sufficient exercise for these dogs, but they like to stay active and playing around the house.  They are great family pets -- playful with kids and always up for a good cuddle!


Coloring & Markings

Known for their luscious double-coat of hair,  Pomeranians come in a variety of coat colors and patterns.

Sable, brindle, and parti, oh my! Find out more about these beautiful pups.

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Puppy Uglies

It's hard to believe anyone would call a Pom ugly, but this period of time from 4-6 months they lose their one-layer puppy coat and it's replaced by the two-layered adult coat.

Major Milestones

From newborn, to teething, curiosity, and independence find out more about the stages of puppy development in the first year and beyond.

And importantly, learn how we care for and train our pups in preparation for them finding their forever families!

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