son cuddling

Our Story

Why Pomeranians, you ask?

For my 9th Birthday present from my grandparents I received the greatest gift ever ... Cuddles (see the photo to the left!)  She lived to be 14 and was the best dog I've ever had.

Now all these years and generations later, my family and I get great joy out of breeding this adorable breed.  My kids love helping with the puppies and make sure they get plenty of love and attention before coming home to you.

Meet the Dams (Moms)

We have three very special moms that breed.  Each spunky in their own right, but all equally love their litters.



Cream Sable

7 lbs.

3 Yrs.

She is our kisser.  Loves to lick and follow directions.




6 lbs.

2 Yrs.

Has the tail that won't stop wagging.  Is my shadow around the house!

Sugar 1



3 lbs.

3 Yrs.

Definitely a mother - protective and caring over all the pups.

The Sire (Poppa)

Last, but certainly not least, our Poppa Pomeranian.

jake brighter



7 lbs.

6 yrs.

He's a looker alright, but with all these ladies running around stays low profile most of the time.

You think they're cute ...

Wait until you meet their puppies!