Get to know a little about our breeding and litters.

At what age are they ready?

The puppies can be ready as early as 8 weeks, but we typically post them between 10-12 weeks.  We have also kept some of the smaller pups until closer to 12 weeks.

What should I expect in terms of puppy training?

The puppies are trained inside with potty pads.  As they get a bit older we start to move the pads around in the crate so they are better trained.  They will still need more training when they get to their forever homes, but they should have a good foundation.  Most families say within a month they are trained.

What feeding to the pups get?

The puppies obviously start with their mom, but at 6 weeks we move to soft food.  By 10 weeks we introduce hard food, of which we will give you a bit to make the transition to your choice of puppy food.