Pomeranian Coloring and Markings

color chart


There are 18 colors and 9 markings.  You can see all of the official standards at AKC.

The most common colors include: orange, cream, chocolate, black and white.


With such a large variety of colors, the markings make Pomeranians very unique.  The common markings are sable, merle, parti, and brindle.

Brindle - base undercoat of a light color (tan, orange, etc.) and then there will be stripes running over that color.

Parti - when the Pom has two colors, one being white.  (A tri-parti has 3 colors).

Sable - dark tipped hairs that can appear on just about any base color.

Merle - splattering effect of a color on the coat





wolf sable

Wolf Sable

tri parti


red sable

Red Sable

cream white parti

Cream & White Parti

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