diamond 1

Female 1 (Diamond)

She is the smallest of the litter, but don't let that fool you. She is spunky and full of energy! She bosses around her brother.



Female 2 (Brownie) -- SOLD

Brownie is sweet and loves to be held.  She already found her forever home.

oddball 1

Female 3 (Oddball)

This is our  laid back and clam girl.  She is sweet and starts out shy, but warms up very quickly.


male 1

Male #1 (Rowdy)

He is our climber and escape artist.  Rowdy's claim to fame is waiting for his sisters to go to sleep to pounce on them.  He keeps us on our toes!


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This litter will be ready in April.  Check back for more pictures.

Black & White Male, Solid Black Male, Chocolate Male, Two Chocolate Females.

Parents: Mom Nelly (Chocolate) and Dad Jake